Decorating our new home

Hi beautiful friends,

Today I woke up with zero inspiration and that is a pity.. I realized how many more days will be like this one during this journey I plan on having.

However, the highlight of today was that our new sofa just arrived this morning (and the Lebanese food I had) !!! As I told you in my second post I just moved in with my boyfriend in December, leaving behind my beautifully decorated room, right into a new home that needed decorating. And today, the couch has arrived!!!!

I am so freaking excited. We can finally watch TV properly, and I can read my books, nap and cuddle here :).

The two pillows, the red and blue one, are the absolute first thing I have bought for this home, around October and they mean so much to me. Unfortunately, bf says they don’t fit at all. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

I have no idea how the room will look like in the end, but I would absolutely adore a yellow carpet, just like this one:

Is it too much, given that I would LOVE a yellow lamp, the same shade?

I found them both on this online website,, that is actually from Romania.

I would very much appreciate if you had any recommendations of websites that sell furniture or other decorations that also ship internationally!!! Would be of so much help, given that we still need so many things to make it perfect. It’s already so homey and cozy, but in urgent need of some personality.

What do you use to inspire you? Pinterest? Furniture websites? Ikea ideas? Tumblr? All of the above? Something else? S.O.S

And by the way, we were just watching Titanic, a movie that I always thought I disliked deeply, until.. tonight. You love it or find it too mainstream?

For tonight….

“Where to, miss?”

“To the stars.”


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