A thousand kilometers for a moment of gratitude

Hi beautiful friends,

After waking up rather late this morning and having a copious breakfast at the hotel, we jumped in the car and decided to see the Rucăr-Bran pass. The Rucăr-Bran pass is a mountain road that links two counties: Argeș and Brașov. It also houses some of the most beautiful and spectacular views in Romania, looking over the Bucegi Mountains.

As you may see, from the place we are staying at, it is a roughly one hour car ride for around 36 kilometers. The road separates both the Bucegi and Leaota Massifs to the Piatra Craiului Mountains and Iezer-Păpușa.

The views are breathtaking and although the road gets quite bumpy at times, it is worth every mile.

Hundreds of years before, the passing was used with commercial purpose, linking Transilvania to Muntenia.

There are plenty of small villages that offer accommodation and a few touristic attractions, such as: Dâmbovicioara Cave, Dâmbovicioarei Keys, Piatra Craiului National Park, the Heroes Mausoleum, Nămăești Monastery and so on.

Our first stop was the Mausoleum, planning to stop at the Dâmbovicioara Cave on our way back.

I found the Mausoleum being extraordinary well preserved and perfectly taken care of.

It is dedicated to the fallen heroes of World War I that died trying to protect the country. The World War I had another goal for Romania: the Great Union-  the unification of Transylvania, Basarabia, and Bucovina with the Romanian Kingdom in 1918. 

We celebrate the Great Union on every 1st of December and this year marked 100 years since. Each year there are special celebrations in every important city of the country, especially in the capital- Bucharest and Alba Iulia- the location in which the proclamation of the union was signed. Also, every year there is a military parade of the Romanian Armed Forces in both cities.

Anyway, coming back to the Mausoleum.

It houses both a museum and also the Mausoleum itself where an ossuary is kept to commemorate the 400 military men fallen.

The last room of the museum recreates a war scene, with special lights and sound effects- which I found rather ingenious.

Returning back on the same road, we decided to stop at Dâmbovicioara Cave, not with the thought of visiting it (as I visited it before once), but willing to admire the Dâmbovicioara Keys and Piatra Craiului National Park.

Unfortunately, the pictures can not capture the true beauty of the place, the smell of truly fresh air, the serenity of the moment or the chilly air.

We decided to continue our way back to Bran following the Sirnea sign, having no idea what views we’ll find.

I warn you: the road was without asphalt, so it was a true village road, through Ciocanu village-a true gem. The views… oh, the views were to die for.

Finally, after arriving back to the main road, we found a nice spot to eat and relax, before returning for a relaxing evening.

I’ll end up with a picture from this year’s military parade held on December 1st- marking 100 years from the Great Union. (Bucharest)

How truly remarkable is it to have this one day (at least) when you feel so proud of your heritage, despite anything else? And how lucky are we to have these historical sites that remind us each and every time of the people who fought for our liberty, offering us these times we live in: in which we can be whoever we want to.

Grateful- with every cell of my body.

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.


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