Off we go

Hi beautiful friends,

Recently I was waking up with the most overwhelming need to escape the city and take a few days to relax and rest. So we booked a room in the mountains for a few days (also taking advantage of my mid semester holiday).

And this morning, after choosing all my favorite creams, all the things I could not leave behind and after filling my luggage with way to many clothes than I could have needed for five days, as usual, we got into the car and went ahead for the most relaxing week.

First stop after leaving the noisy Bucharest was Peleș Castle, a favorite place of mine, where you can find a cozy and always crowded coffee that has an absolute astounding view over the Castle and its domain. Had a cappuccino and an eclair and obviously forgot my phone in the car, so I did not take a picture, but I found an old pic from October (I told you, I am a big fan of this place, so whenever I am at the mountains, I take a couple of hours to visit and enjoy a cup of coffee).

The Castle makes me dream of the times of its glory and how I must have been of Royal family in a different life :). A girl can dream, right?

Peleș was built somewhere around 1880 and it served as the summer residence of the Royal Romanian Family. King Carol I of Romania ordered its building after falling in love with the beautiful forest scenery.

The Castle is an important edifice of Romania and it received many important figures in its glory period, like emperor Franz Joseph.

Carol II was born in this castle and afterwards King Mihai I was born here. He served as the last King of Romania until his death in 2017. Having no sons, the Crown is kept by Princess Margareta (Custodian of the Crown of Romania), the eldest daughter of King Mihai I and Queen Ana of Romania.

The castle can be visited all around the year and its magic is real. Every Monday it’s closed, so today it wasn’t so crowded and so I got a chance to feel its vibe and feel the true serenity of the place. The best part of our walk after the coffee was seeing the employees put down the Christmas decorations, that so beautifully completed its architecture.

Our second stop was right at the pension we booked for our week, which is situated over the hills, offering an amazing view over Bran and its surroundings. For that, I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves.

Nihil sine Deo.


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